I have tried racing in Path of Exile after a year-long break and was stunned to see Descent: Champions. Before, Descent had locations such as the Heart of Phrecia, so it was likely set in Wraeclast. Now, Descent: Champions has Gravicius welcoming contenders and a lot of NPCs (Nessa to Oak to Fairgraves to Hargan) standing in the cheering mob of people at the back of the starting area. Seems like Descent: Champions is set in Oriath, but do we have any confirmation on that from Grinding Gear?

This strikes me as strange: why would you have a hall full of monsters to feed on unlucky contenders in the middle of your capital city? Nuke it from orbit / seal it if you can't. Instead, they are letting adventurers in.

Should I, out-of-universe, think that Descent: Champions is just a race and is not really related to the main game storyline?

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From the original announcement:

The (non-canon) plot of Descent: Champions is that nobles have created a dungeon full of dangerous monsters for contestants to fight through. Champions from all over the land have come to compete for glory.

That would seem to indicate that yes, it does take place in Oriath, as there are certainly no nobles in Wraeclast.

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