How do I get an XCOM Hero? I saw this screenshot of a secret XCOM hero that says:

enter image description here

Apparently, getting an XCOM hero disables achievements for the rest of the playthrough. Are there other XCOM heroes, or is this the only one?


After getting your squad together, if you rename your squad member in the customization settings, if you change the name to a specific name the game will make it a "special" XCOM hero. There are two others you can get as XCOM heroes, all discovered through the default.ini configuration settings:

 ;Sid Meier BodyPartTemplateConfig=(PartType="Head",
 Gender=eGender_Male, Race=eRace_Caucasian, SpecializedType=true)
 ;Beaglerush BodyPartTemplateConfig=(PartType="Head",
 Gender=eGender_Male, SpecializedType=true) ;VanDoorn
 Gender=eGender_Male, SpecializedType=true)

So basically, you just need to rename your squad member to either:

  • Peter Van Doorn
  • Sid Meier
  • Beaglerush

enter image description here

In order to get an XCOM hero!

For reference, Peter Van Doorn is a famous NPC you can rescue in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.. Sid Meier is a famous developer who is the creator of the Civilization series and director of Creative Development for Firaxis Games. Beaglerush is a famous XCOM streamer and youtuber.

  • Are the differences between a Hero and a regular soldier just cosmetic?
    – Dpeif
    Nov 26 '16 at 8:36
  • They have ridiculously high stats, hence the achievements getting disabled.
    – Shadur
    Feb 10 '17 at 13:38

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