I was doing an escort mission and got all of my troops plus the VIP into the extraction zone. Then I was sad to find that I had to click, one by one, to extract them individually, watching the animation play each time.

Is there any way to do a mass extraction?


There is now a mod to add this feature: Evac all.

However, note that even without it, you don't have to "watch the animation play each time" - you can hit tab after extracting a unit to immediately move onto the next one.

  • Also, if you evac the next unit while the other animation is stil running, it will finish the previous unit's evac instantly and start evacing yours. So I run all my guys up to the zone, and then just spam the evac (usually the 3 key) and tab keys. If you spam it, you only have to watch the last unit's evac. – Flater Feb 9 '16 at 12:21

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