This question stems from a discussion I had with some friends.

  • Consider a hypothetical multiplayer vanilla Minecraft server.
  • The landscape is random, not premade or prepared in any way.
  • All players are playing in survival mode.
  • No cheats are allowed.
  • The players don't necessarily want to play as allies (they could form alliances, but there will be opposing sides).
  • We want to let the players be completely free - i.e. not have to respect any particular rule (like "don't break blocks in other people's homes"), unless that rule is enforced by the game mode and the environment.

Is it possible for a faction to set up a home base that simply cannot be breached from the outside by other players (unless someone from the inside grants them access)?

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    There is a world of traps to be discovered, but there is a huge assymetry, and a month of defense preparations could easily be penetrated within hours. – Deltharis Feb 7 '16 at 12:19

Not reasonably

Nothing you can build in vanilla Minecraft is indestructible.

That said, Simply Sarc recently posted a video on his channel, where he shows off a way to actually make a base indestructible, using 60 Elder Guardians, which are synched up so that one of them uses his curse every second. That means thats any player in the vicinity can't not have Mining Fatigue III for more than a second at a time.

This doesn't make your base truly indestructible, but depending on the material you used for building it, it will make breaking into a base take an awfully long amount of time.

Of course, your team would also be unable to break things inside your base, but you could have a redstone-operated door which can only be opened from the inside.

In pure survival, your team would need to capture these guardians manually, which involves raiding at least 20 ocean monuments. It is also possible to synchronize the curse timers, although the video doesn't go into details, mostly because ot would be utterly ridiculous to even attempt this method of base protection.

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    Clever idea, but I would think the use of command blocks makes it somewhat unusable for the average player. Also, if you're going to use command blocks, you could probably apply the effect to only enemy players (using scoreboards and a redstone clock) without using the mobs at all. Although it would still be vulnerable to TNT cannons. – DBS Feb 7 '16 at 12:48
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    The command blocks used on the video are for convenience only. It is possible to do in pure vanilla by manually capturing 60 elder guardians, and aynchronization of the curse timrs is also doable according to the video. It's just utterly unreasonable. – MrLemon Feb 7 '16 at 14:10
  • When I asked the question, I thought the answer would be something involving the maximum build height, the bedrock, lava and possibly a few redstone contraptions. This caught me by surprise, but I like it a lot. – T. C. Feb 8 '16 at 15:26

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