I have a really cool Minecraft PE world, and I would like to also have it on my Computer. Is there a way to move a Minecraft PE world onto the PC Edition?

My tablet is Android and my Computer is Windows 7. Thanks!


Copy /games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/WorldName on Android to %AppData%\.minecraft\saves on PC

If it doesn't work you need MCEdit (download from here), import the world on MCEdit and then export it as a PC world


You can try using iFunBox, a program for Windows and Mac that allows you to browse your iOS files. You can use it to browse in Minecraft PE and find your world. When you do, you can copy it to your desktop. Hope I helped!


The world filetype is different I believe, meaning that you can't.


Unless you buy lots of new software, it is practically impossible to do this. (I wouldn't spend my money on it.)

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