At lvl 2 each, Chandras abilities cost:

  • Flameshot: 4 loyalty
  • Scorching Strike: 6 loyalty
  • Fireball: 21 loyalty

Do her lvl 3 abilities cost more?


Post patch 1.3: Ability costs no longer increase on level up

Prior to 1.3 At lvl 3, Flameshot still costs 4 and Fireball still costs 21 but Scorching Strike's cost increases to 9.

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    Note: This is no longer the case as of patch 1.3. For the past few months, Scorching Strike's loyalty cost has been fixed at 9 for all levels. All planeswalker abilities now get strictly better as you level them up, except for niche uses (you can't use level 3 or 4 Scorching Strike on your own creatures any more). – AlexC Jul 20 '16 at 14:45

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