The greatest thing about the puzzles in The Witness is that they make perfect sense... or so I thought, until I came across one I just couldn't solve.
I ended up looking up the solution (much to my own annoyance) and to my surprise, I still didn't understand how you were supposed to know how to solve it.

Can anyone explain the logic behind it?

The solution I found:

enter image description here


Hint 1:

You're not seeing the whole picture...

Hint 2:

The buildings on the island were built a while ago. The temple area is in especially bad shape.


This puzzle is very old, and the tree branch has broken. You can find the missing piece on the floor near your feet.

  • Perfect answer! I wish I'd read your hints first! – Django Reinhardt Feb 8 '16 at 16:50
  • Nice use of hints! :) - I solved this by doing what you're supposed to do, but I literally thought I was being 'crazy' by thinking what I was thinking. And then, of course, it 'pinged' to say it was correct. I just sat there with my mouth wide open for 30 seconds. – SpaceBison Feb 19 '16 at 16:27

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