I'm playing Command and Conquer (1995) on my desktop computer with Windows 7 (64 bit). Since I'm going to replace my HDD with a new SSD, I wonder how can I keep and transfer my progress when I installed C&C 95 on my new SSD.

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The game keeps its savegames in the game folder. Look for all the files called "savegame.???", with the extension being a number from 000 to 999.

There are also savegame packs available on the website of the unofficial 1.06 patch project, though do keep in mind those were saved in higher resolution, and might not work well on the unpatched original. Though, simply applying the patch obviously solves that.

Side note: "C&C 95" is not "Command & Conquer (1995)"; it is "Command & Conquer, Windows '95 Edition". The C&C from 1995 is a DOS game. The Windows port, C&C95 (also known as "C&C Gold"), was in fact released in 1997. This distinction is especially important here, since the savegames of these two versions are not compatible.

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