I see CityVille has both Cash and Coins. I know how to earn coins (rent, business, etc.), but I don't see an option to gain more Cash. There are things I can only buy with Cash.

Only way I know to gain Cash is when moving on to next level. Can somebody please explain to me how it differs and the means of earning Cash?


City Cash is how they get you. It's just an alternate currency besides the Coins, and there are only 3 ways of getting it:

  1. Leveling up
  2. Completing certain out-of-game offers for Zynga ("Earn City Cash" tab)
  3. Buying it with real money ("Add Coins & Cash" tab)
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    That's generally true of many Facebook games: there are two types of in-game currency. The less-powerful kind (Coins in this case) is easily gained through normal play. The more-powerful kind (Cash) is available only in limited quantities (if at all) through normal play; some items of significant value can only be bought with Cash, and there are many opportunities presented to buy Cash with real-world money. (Unfortunately, there are also a number of items that simply aren't worth the Cash you spend to get them.) – Dave DuPlantis Jun 29 '11 at 16:54

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