One of my biggest problems with XCOM 2, specifically the Avenger Defense mission, is the enemy corpses. When you save a game, and reload it, it saves the position of all the corpses, so corpses don't disappear at all. If you're like me, and you use the Avenger Defense mission as a way to fully promote your squad, once you get to 50 enemies killed it starts lagging hard, due to the amount of corpses on screen.

What setting do I need to tweak in the .ini files to remove corpses? This is getting fairly annoying as I have had to force evac when my team was healthy enough to continue the fight, but my computer couldn't stand it anymore.

  • There might be a console command for it if the ini files don't have an option. – Fambida Feb 13 '16 at 7:42

I don't believe this is possible in the base game. The position of the corpses are saved because it is possible for corpses to be interacted with (i.e. Zombified).

I'd imagine the corpses are not removed (unlike debris and building destructions, which are) for this reason.

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