I'm trying to create a unique skywars in vanilla minecraft by using command blocks, but the (clone) command I'm using to reset the map will only activate when someone is within range. For example if I use the command (setblock x y z redstone_block) to run the clone command, I have to be within a certain distance for the clone to actually do its intended job. For a normal map, "spawn chunks" would work, but I have made my skywars in the end so the players would immediately fall to their deaths.

Is there a way to activate the command after the game is finished and no one is still near the command blocks?


You should use the spawn chunks for this.

The spawn chunks usually consist of an area of 16×16 chunks centered as close as possible to the world spawn point.

You can change the spawn point of the world, and thus the location of the spawn chunks by using /setworldspawn.

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