I am drawing out attacking Advent "black sites" as long as possible to extend my preparation window for my troops.

Does the very first, game provided black site operation (designated by a gold-ish colored factory icon) reset the Advent countdown timer? Or does assaulting only the red designated facilities do this?


Yes, the Advent Blacksite mission reduces the Avatar-progress by 2 pips (Legend difficulty) and will stop the timer, if it's already running.

Other facilities will reduce the progress by the number of pips shown below the facility on the Geoscape.

  • It's was one pip on Veteran. – vartec Mar 1 '16 at 1:48
  • two pips on Veteran in WotC – Mark Cassidy May 7 '18 at 21:03

In the legendary game I just played, the clock did not reset.

I had 6 days left on the clock before doing the 1st game provided blacksite. A few minutes later Avatar got the 2 blocks back due to a dark event. And the clock was at 6 days - basically ending my game for me.

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