A woman in the town of Leedo gave me a quest involving searching through the Lizardo Dungeon and finding 4 of an item called Lian Clamp.

The quest to find the Lian Clamps

I've found three of the four, and though I've scoured the rest (I think) of the dungeon, I haven't been able to find the fourth.

The first two items, in the top right of the second dungeon floor These are the first two items, located in the top-right of the dungeon's second floor.

The third item, in the bottom right of the second dungeon floor This is the third item, located in the lower left of the dungeon's second floor.

Is there a hidden doorway or something that I'm missing? Where is the last one?


I haven't gotten this far into the game yet, but a quick Google search reveals this post:

The "Lian Clamp" side quest: Its hidden in a "bush"!! You cant see it, but I think I approched the bush from the left... It could be the one you will see to the left when you enter the 2nd floor

Does this help?


The Fourth Lian Clamp is indeed hiding behind a bush, in the bottom-right area of the Dungeon's second floor. In the screenshot below, the chest containing the item is directly to the right of the player's character.

THe last clamp is hidden behind a shrub

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    I actually find the last clamp quite by accident just before reading this answer. I'll edit some info into it, and award you the bounty. Thanks! – GnomeSlice Jul 4 '11 at 17:20
  • @GnomeSlice Thanks for the edit / accept. Sorry I couldn't provide you with specific details of the last clamp since my Lv 23 gunner is getting eaten alive by ranged mobs. – Oscar Cheung Jul 5 '11 at 0:32
  • Make good use of the Gun skill that inflicts status abnormalities on enemies. It can be handy for slowing them down. As you gain a higher Gun proficiency, you'll also be able to start squeezing off more than one shot at a time before having to 'reload'. – GnomeSlice Jul 8 '11 at 20:52

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