I just learned that each block is one meter in Minecraft, and that Steve is about 2 meters tall. Normally, an adult would be about 2 meters, and a kid, less. I wonder how many meters the real world is? How big is the Minecraft universe compared to real life?

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A single solid block in Minecraft is 1m on a side. In modern Minecraft, the practical boundary is the World Border, which encompasses an area of 60 million blocks, going from -30,000,000 to + 30,000,000, and centred on 0, 0. So end to end, the Minecraft world is 60,000 km across.

To put that in perspective, the distance from the Earth to the Sun is 150 million km.

The area of the Minecraft world is 3600 million square kilometers. The area of the Earth's surface is 510 million square kilometers. So the traversable Minecraft world surface is about 7 times the surface area of the Earth.


The world of Minecraft is infinite. There is no way to measure the scaling to our world. Each block in Minecraft is roughly a 3'x3'x3', or 1 yard per side. This would make most things in Minecraft over-sized, or under-sized scaling to the real world. Therefore everything is "un-measurable" to us. In short: The world of Minecraft is ∞x our world. I hope this helps you :)

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    -1: This is not correct at all. i) The Minecraft world is not infinite. ii) Where do you get 1 yard from? Feb 22, 2016 at 3:55
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    @ire_and_curses - while the official measurement used by Mohjang is in meters, there are a lot of tutorials that consider blocks as 1 yard high for those more used to working in Imperial notation. It's even mentioned on the Minecraft Wiki
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    Mar 2, 2016 at 6:25
  • Yeah, given the other distortions involved, 10% really isn't significant. Sep 22, 2023 at 18:36

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