I played Left 4 Dead 2 in US before. Then I went to China and played it, it automatically switched to connect local server in China I think.

However, when I went back to US and chose to play campaign -> play online again. It shows all campaign games created by Chinese players. It didn't switch back to US server automatically.

Connecting campaign games created by Chinese players in US is very slow.

How can I show campaign games created by American players again? I didn't find any place where I can switch the server.



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You can change the download region for Steam on your PC:
Steam/Settings/Download+Cloud/Download Region and set it to United States.

Alternatively you can open game's console menu and enter the command openserverbroswser to view available games and their IP addresses. Then, still using the console menu, run the command mm_dedicated_force_servers [IP] substituting the [IP] with the address of the server you want to play on (no box braces []).

Both of these methods of changing your server are documented on this Steam discussion

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