I'm having difficulties making the big jump across the gap in level 3 the SNES version of Prince of Persia

This is just after hitting the switch on the top floor. I then run back jumping over gaps

On the final jump, I'm trying to pass through a gate before it closes. This is a really big gap and there is a breaking tile at the end.

Below it is a guillotine

Whenever I try to make that jump I die

Does anyone know how to jump it?

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You need perfect timing. Once you step on pressure plate in the East (right). The gate in the West will open up. Now make run for it. There is a collapsible tile in the gate screen. That's the tile from where your prince should jump. Now when that jump is made hold the shift key that should make him catch the tile inside the door. Then press up to climb . And you can go through the door.


The shift key was for the PC version. There should be one of the equivalent key on your SNES console.

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