Is there any way to make the arrow keys to act as a mouse?

  • No, you can't replace the mouse with the arrow keys; why would you want to anyway, it'd be very hard to control? Feb 26 '16 at 7:57
  • If you wanted change this on your whole computer which would make it possible then that would be a different question, and that may not belong in the section this was posted.
    – Jason_
    Feb 26 '16 at 8:03

If you want to be able to change hitting and placing of blocks then yes, you would hit esc on your key board. Go to optionsenter image description here then controlsenter image description here, ...Go to gameplayenter image description here, click on what you want to change and press the key you want to change it to.

You can have keys act as a mouse, but it really doesn't have anything to do with Minecraft to be able to have a mouse as keys on your computer. This link has a step by step instructions for all windows users on how to make your numeric keys work as a mouse. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000542.htm

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    The asker wants to know how to replace the mouse with the arrow keys, you cannot do this in Minecraft and you're not answering the question. Feb 26 '16 at 7:55
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    @GeorgeWillcox This is answering how to replace mouse actions with keyboard actions, which is one possible interpretation of a vague question. I think this is probably the best answer you can get without suggesting 3rd party tools for keyboard to mouse movement.
    – DBS
    Feb 26 '16 at 8:11
  • As a note if one uses the default windows MouseKeys accessability system, then the numpad will be able to click as well, so you'll only need to change the "Attack/Destroy" key if you don't want the default click key (which is keypad-5 for click and keypad-0 for hold (keypad-. for release) IIRC)
    – Lunin
    Nov 29 '17 at 0:51

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