I play Lulu and find her quite a good support. So I want to equip her with the most items that grant allies bonus stats.

My google search comes up little help, so I ask here.

One clutch item I found is the Righteous Glory that gives bonus speed-then-slowing-explosion to nearby allies.

What else grants bonuses to allies?

  • Note that choosing which items to use is situational - e.g. Lulu isn't a good choice to build FotM as she doesn't usually go for HP items, Abyssal is usually built by mid so building on support is a waste, Censer depends on ADC being AS-based, etc. – Alok Jun 6 '16 at 19:10

Here are all I can recall currently.

  • Locket of the Iron Solari has an active shield for allies.

  • Captain enchantment for any type boots will give bonus move speed to nearby allies. -Removed in Patch 6.9

  • Ardent Censer gives allies that you shield or heal bonus attack speed and on hit magic dmg.

  • Athene's Unholy Grail heals allies that you shield or heal based on the stored damage you have done to enemies.

  • Zeke's Convergence gives the ally it is bound to bonus auto attack magic damage when it procs via ultimate cast.

  • Shurelya's Reverie gives a brief movement speed buff to nearby allies.

  • Face of the Mountain grants the target ally a shield based on a percent of their maximum HP. Removed

  • Elixir of Iron causes your champion to leave a path that grants allied champions bonus move speed.

  • Abyssal Scepter causes your enemies to lose magic resist, which effectively grants your allies bonus magic pen. Removed

  • Abyssal Mask causes your enemies to take increased magic damage, which effectively grants your allies a magic damage buff.

  • Mikael's Crucible Removes all stuns, roots, taunts, fears, silences and slows on an allied champion


  • Windspeakers Blessing Gives allies that you heal or shield bonus magic resist and armor. This is one of the keystone masteries in the cunning tree. Removed
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    Also Windspeaker's Blessing keystone mastery: "Your heals and shields are 10% stronger. Additionally, heals and shields on allies increase your target's armor by 5 - 22 (based on level) and magic resistance by 2.5 - 11 (based on level) for 3 seconds. ". Granted, it is not an item, but still gives bonuses to allies. – clcto Feb 29 '16 at 20:32
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    Abyssal Scepter may fit in here. Lowering the enemy's MR technically has the same effect as giving allies more AP. – Tylor Mar 2 '16 at 14:42
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    Relic Shield and Targon's Brace give a nearby ally gold and health. – Austin Henley Mar 2 '16 at 22:38
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    @NamGVU yes. it is in the cunning tree – Dragonrage Mar 3 '16 at 18:18
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    @ChronoD I was focusing solely on buffs, but I did include FotM which only gives a shield, so I suppose I should add in Mikael's Crucible. – Dragonrage Jun 6 '16 at 17:28

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