After you've muted a player, can he still read you in the chat (and all-chat) ?

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    Don't understand the downvotes. It's in nowhere stated that players YOU muted are still able to receive your input, as as such it IS a good question
    – Oak
    Feb 28, 2016 at 0:47

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Yes they can still see your messages you type. You muted them, but unless they mute you, they can see your messages. I know this from duo queueing with people.


Has we can see here yes, they can still read your messages, because YOU muted him, HE didn't, you don't see the messages of someone you muted but they are able to see yours, also, if you for some reason mute a friend and don't remove the mute he will automatically be removed from your friend list (At least used to work like this, lost some flaming friends like this)

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