So when setting up your character there's quite a few customization options, including over 100 options for shirts, and RGB metres for hair, eyes and pants colour. Loads of customization is great (and overwhelming), but also a bit pointless if I can't change my clothes or hair colour in-game. I've strolled around the town and menus, but there doesn't seem to be any way to change my appearance.

So, once I've made my character and I've started a game, is it possible for me to change the appearance of my character, and if so, how?


There is indeed a way to change your appearance. Spoiler:

When you reach a 4 heart relationship with the wizard there will be a shrine in his cellar that will allow you to change your appearance.


Like that one person said it is possible to change your clothes, hair, etc. You must

reach 2 or I think it was actually 4 hearts. Anyways, there will be a cellar that will open that will allow you to change your appearance. Sadly, it cost 500g to be able to do this so have fun with your game!


As far as I know, it is not yet possible to modify your appearence after you have started the game. Try to notify the developer, he still has a few ideas he has yet to implement so maybe he'll do yours too.

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