I'm playing the Patch 1.12 version of Witcher 3 on PC using Windows 7 and an English input keyboard.

I'm having problems executing strong attacks with the default keyboard controls, specifically

Left Shift + Left Mouse Button

It works outside of combat, but as soon as I'm in combat, holding down Shift and clicking the left mouse button no longer works, Geralt just stands around doing nothing.

Is this a bug? Or am I not executing strong attacks correctly?

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According to Cant strong attack, left shift and left mouse dont work, holding down shift and double-clicking the left mouse button (instead of a single click) will make you execute a strong attack:

You have to make shift+double click. At least for me that works.

I've found this to work in combat, but inconsistently, as noted by someone else in the next post to that thread:

Only sometimes. Something is wrong with the keyboardinput.


On PC strong attack has it's separate binding and after some updates it might be reset to None. You can bind it to any key in the keys settings.

Update: I have played the latest patched game, and strong attack is Shift+Left Mouse Button

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