I have a name on Steam, but when I play multiplayer Team Fortress, it shows my email address.

I have already set my name in Steam, but I want the game to show my name.


Open your profile,

Profile page

click edit profile,

Edit Profile Button

change your name

Profile Name Box

and save the changes.

Save Changes Button

Note: Everything might not look the same, as I use some addins (steamdb is displayed in first picture, lastpass in third) and your language might be different.

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    @aytimothy All your page are belong to us.
    – ave
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  • Out of curiosity what's the [TR] stand for? (I always find clan tags like that interesting)
    – Robotnik
    Mar 1 '16 at 10:42
  • @Robotnik Short for "turkey", not a clan.
    – ave
    Mar 1 '16 at 10:53

enter image description here

Go to the Friends List, hit the arrow near your name, click "Change Profile Name", choose your Name, and you are done!

Thank you to ardaozkal for the image, Props to you!


If you want to change your username in the client (Note: You can still use my other answer in client), you can check @Magmagod's answer, or do this. This also works in games too, so you can change your name during a match etc.

Open up Steam Settings, then switch to the friends tab (if you are in-game, it'll automatically start from Friends tab):

Friends tab

Change your name, and hit the "OK" button.

OK button

Note: I'm using a theme, this might not look the same on your end.

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    Why did you create two separate answers when merging them both would have been a wiser choice? It's not even a fundamentally different way, it's just an alternative
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  • @skully I asked in chat and we thought that putting multiple answers would be better, considering they are different.
    – ave
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