So, lately in an attempt to B-Hop(Bunny Hop), I have bound my jump to my Mousewheel, but I still find myself trying to use Space to jump from habit, can I bind two different buttons to do the same action?

  • I'm so sure you can through the console / .cfg (speaking from Counter-Strike: Source) but can't answer for certain! You should be fine to do bind space +jump and bind mwheelup +jump (not 100% certain if that's mouse wheel up, but you get my gist) through your console or .cfg file, but you probably can't do it from the actual settings. – Tas Mar 1 '16 at 4:07

Type these in the console and hit enter on every new line:

    bind MWHEELUP +jump - Might not want to bind on scroll up though (hit Enter)
    bind MWHEELDOWN +jump (hit Enter)
    bind space +jump (hit Enter)

I'm used to jump with scroll, but do go for space every once and a while when it's easier so both the button and the scroll jump.

If console is not active --> http://diaryofdennis.com/2015/09/19/how-to-activate-and-open-the-console-in-counter-strike-global-offensive/

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