Which weapons, armor, and healing items are best for defeating

Undyne the Undying in the Genocide Route?

Tips for bullet hell are also appreciated!


For the stuff, you can go for two strategies :

  • Cloudy Glasses and Torn Notebook. They have a low defense and attack power, though the invulnerability they offer is really useful during this battle, as she's attacking really fast. You can buy both of them in Gerson's shop in the Waterfall.
  • Old Tutu and Ballet Shoes. If you are a bit more comfortable with her patterns, those items will bring you the best attack and defense at this level of the game.

For healing items, try to avoid using your Butterscotch Pie and Snowman Pieces, because they will really be useful later. Just stock as much Cinnamon Bunny (from Snowdin Village's Shop) as you can, as it will heal 22 HP. You can also use the Abandoned Quiche, which heals 34 HP. Though it's an hidden item :

In Waterfall by using flowers to reach the room to the right of the second flower puzzle room.

There is also the Sea Tea, an item which will heal you only 10 HP, but will increase the speed of your heart for the rest of the battle. You can buy it in Gerson's shop.

Now, the best strategy for this battle is to learn the patterns. The more you will fight her and remember her attacks, the easier it will become.

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