How can you see how many lives you have in Minecraft?


In Vanilla Minecraft, you have an infinite amount of lives, so naturally - There is no limit on how many deaths you can do*.
In Hardcore Mode however, you only have one life, and that life is determined whether you're still playing or staring at a Delete World button.

For mods, such as Hardcore Questing Mode, you can find your remaining lives in the front page of the quest book.

*Assuming you're not using any command blocks or mods.

As for the number of times you have died, you can display it in the scoreboard like so:

/scoreboard objectives add Deaths stat.deaths Deaths
/scoreboard objectives setDisplay sidebar Deaths

or you can find it in the Statistics menu.

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Minecraft has only two categories Unlimited lives: Which would be creative mode, survival mode, and adventure mode. Or One life: which would be Hardcore mode: Although you may die, in most game modes you will be given the option to revive.

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