What is the best method for ranking up in Battlefield 3?

I have been told 2 different methods so far:

  • Play as recon on team deathmatch, then use gadgets to spot team mates
  • Play as assault on Metro (Conquest), and concentrate on healing/reviving team mates

As a recon, I am struggling to get a decent score per game (in the range of a couple of thousand at best).

As an assault I can get around 7-10k per game.

Is there anything I can do to improve my score in the methods above?

Are there other effective methods (game modes/maps/class combinations)?

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    Play on the small maps like operation Metro. That alone makes a big difference for me.
    – Probst
    Commented Mar 3, 2016 at 14:53

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This highly depends on why you want to rank. Just your player level or your class level or specific gun unlocks?

  • Player: universal weapons & perks
  • Class: class weapons gadgets
  • Gun: specific gun gadgets

Supporting your team is the way to go imho.

  • Recon: T-Ugs in crowded area
  • Assault: reviving and healing
  • Support: dropping ammo

Preferably you want to do this in a small infantery map. You have way more contact and things to do. Also ticket count plays a role:

  • Normal or slight increased ticketcount you get some extra points for each won game + other ribbons.
  • High ticket will likely result in an unbalanced fight over time, and you will have the risk of disconnecting

I prefer Rush Operation Metro. Most of the time it's really crowded near the stairs.


It depends on what you're trying to do; if you want your player weapons ranked up go play Team Death Match. If you're wanting to level up your tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles, play Conquest or Rush. Now, if you're looking to upgrade everything, then you just need to play the game on any game mode.

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