I've looked at a lot of websites and the ports are either outdated or don't show how to find it. I know how to get into the cmd thing and all that, but I cannot find my port for the life of me. Is it always the same thing or randomized?

  • There have been many questions like this are you sure that one of those doesn't answer you problem?
    – Jason_
    Mar 4 '16 at 22:34
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    From what I can tell, you are not trying to open a LAN world, but a server. A server requires you to open ports on your router, and, without proper knowledge, you can very much screw up your network. The difference between LAN world and a server open to the internet is that a LAN world is only open to those who exist on your wifi, not the world. If you're seeking to be able to access this world outside of your current wifi, follow the link to this Arqade question. If you mean LAN, my other answer. Mar 4 '16 at 22:52

If you hit / inside the world just after you open it to LAN, it will show you what port it opened on.


As I stated in my answer on your other (related) question, if you truly mean LAN worlds, you do not need to know this information. LAN worlds automatically configure this for you. Your port is shown directly next to the local IP address:

enter image description here

Anything behind a : in an address specifies a port number.


Press T to open the console. You will see recent messages - like the one telling you your server's port.

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