This is not a thread for discussing the justification for / against "deathcam".

I am building dedicated servers for CSGO tournament play (in a 100+ seat LAN setting), and require the settings to disable "deathcam".

The present configuration involves CSGO itself (with esl5v5 config), sourcemod, metamod, and warmod.

I have direct access to the OS level (ssh), as I own the servers themselves (no rental server control panel).

Further I have obtained a full dump of available "cvars", none of which appear to do the trick (cvarlist log cvarlist.txt).

While conducting research, I have found several references, none of which work:

  • disable in game settings menu
    • irrelevant, as this would have to be done for each user, hard to enforce
  • "spec_freeze_time -1"
    • ineffective, deathcam persists
  • "sv_disablefreezecam 1"
    • ineffective, deathcam persists
  • "mp_fadetoblack 1"
    • ineffective, deathcam persists

Please do consider and advise how this might be accomplished?

Thank you for your time.

  • hint: Enable it on game settings, copy settings file elsewhere, disable it, compare differences between two. – Ave Mar 6 '16 at 20:15

I suspect that you might be running a casual server by default, and then modifying the cvars on the server so it essentially becomes a heavily modified casual server with competitive settings.

Try using the following commands

game_mode 1;
game_type 0; 

This will force the default competitive settings. Follow this with

exec gamemode_competitive.cfg

And then finally restart with mp_restartgame 1, exec <your league script>, and restart again.

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