When using the Spell Maker in Daggerfall, spell duration is listed in "rounds", rather than seconds or minutes. Exactly how long is a round?

I haven't been able to find any direct explanation online, including whether the round duration is affected by things like the Reflexes setting.


I did just test it on a very high reflexes game and the best i can come up with is the duration equals (number of rounds + 1) x 5 seconds.

On a lvl 5 character, a spell with 1 + 1 / 20 level lasted 10 seconds, a spell with 1 + 1 / level duration lasted 35 seconds.

  • sorry if it's not clear to me but how how long is a round? 5 seconds? – gyozo kudor Mar 31 at 18:18
  • @gyozokudor yes, that's correct. – Dulkan Apr 1 at 7:19

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