How do I make a custom uniform in Dwarf Fortress (0.31.10)?
I want a uniform that allows leather armor, shields, and axes.

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    0.31.10 is out and maintains save compatibility as well as including military fixes. You should update. – Daenyth Jul 17 '10 at 17:28

Go to military and uniforms (n). Choose to create a New uniform. Use Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Gloves, Boots and Leggings to select what your dwarves will wear. It's also possible to choose the material using M and the color using C. There are also settings to switch whether clothing will be worn over civilian clothes (r) or not.

Finally there is a setting to switch if the matches must be exact or not (m). If matches are set to be exact and items are not available, the dwarf will train without those items. If the matches are set to be not exact and items are not available, a dwarf will grab the nearest item possible and train with that.

To apply a uniform, go to the 'Assign Uniforms' tab. Select a dwarf in a squad you want to wear a uniform and press enter. To make the uniform count for the entire squad, press shift+enter.

Lastly, marksdwarf squads need ammunition to train and fight. Set that up in the 'Ammunition' tab (f). Then choose the squad you want to have ammo and add it to their squad and select how much you want. You can change the Material again, and choose wether they are allowed to use their selected material bolts for Combat or Training.

Note that the ammunition tab is also the location for your Hunters to select their ammo. If you find that your hunters are using up all your bolts, whilst your marksdwarves are twiddling their fingers in the barracks, unassign the ammo from your hunters

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