At some places in the game I see a ship modifier of "ship cost on star system", for example the Vaulters' Ylona class (destroyer-equivalent) has an inherent attribute of "-5% ship cost on star system":

ylona class ship description

What does that modifier do? It sounds like a convoluted way of saying the ship is cheaper to produce, but I tried filling that hull with some modules and comparing it with another class without that attribute (Anjka class, corvette-equivalent) and it shows the same value listed under the ship's "cost".

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    I'm pretty sure you've read that right, in that it means the ship will be cheaper to produce. I think it's an effect of building the ship, that applies to the system that is building the ship, so it wouldn't show up on the build screen. It would just be built faster. – DCShannon Mar 8 '16 at 9:35

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