For a little things I'm doing I need to make charged creepers. However, finding one in the wild is almost impossible and I need to have people see the creepers change into charged creepers, therefore using /summon to summon a charged creeper won't work. Is there a command to summon lightning?

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    Have you made any attempt to solve this yourself? Arqade works better when askers show effort to solve their own problems; we see that you have a problem you've worked on, and answerers respond to that. You also get a more specific answer that's tailored exactly to the part you're stuck, and Arqade gets a very specific question. Everybody wins! – Frank Mar 11 '16 at 1:31
  • I know almost nothing about commands so I'm not sure what or how to try at all! – Jaden F Mar 12 '16 at 19:48

You can do /summon LightningBolt which will hit the place that your standing.

Or the better way is to do:

/execute @e[type=Creeper,r=20] ~ ~ ~ /summon LightningBolt

Which will spawn lightning directly on all creepers within a 20 block radius.


Lightning is an entity, and can be summoned with the summon command:

/summon LightningBolt

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