I am trying to summon potions with effects on the ground in an area with 1.9. I had a command that worked in 1.8:

/summon Item 343 5 -641 {Item:{id:373,Count:1,Damage:16452}}

But now it doesn't work because of IDs being removed.


The Damage tag no longer holds the type of default potion. Instead, the Potion string within the tag compound states the name ID of the default potion.

As well, you should not be using numerical IDs for items since 1.8 and should have instead been using name IDs. In 1.9, numerical IDs are no longer used.

/summon Item 343 5 -641 {Item:{id:"minecraft:potion",Count:1b,tag:{Potion:"minecraft:healing"}}}

The wiki lists different potion IDs here.

  • 1 last thing, how do i change it to ligering or spash? – mrcreeper Mar 13 '16 at 0:52
  • @mrcreeper Change the ID from "potion" to "splash_potion" or "lingering_potion". – Skylinerw Mar 13 '16 at 0:55

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