Just what it sounds like. I've successfully killed the dragon, absorbed the soul, and now I'm supposed to return to the Jarl. However, when I get there, he doesn't ask me about the battle with the dragon, so I'm just stuck there on the last objective of Dragon Rising forever.

I already tried

setstage mq104 90 


setstage mq104 160 

According to this, the quest ID is mq104, the stage I am unable to complete is 90, and the last stage of the quest is 160. However, none of my console commands are working. What's the problem here and what's a possible fix?

If it helps, I'm running Skyrim Legendary Edition on my Windows 10 PC.


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I just reloaded an older save from back in Bleak Falls Barrow. After giving Farengar the Dragonstone and defeating the dragon again, I was able to talk to the Jarl and advance to the next quest, when he makes me Thane of Whiterun.

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