I'm doing two wars at the same time. Battlefields are far one from the other.

I was asking me if there is a malus or a consequence to switch a general from an army stack to an other (that is really far) many time in a short laps of time ?

I've read on the net (on an unofficial source) that the general will fight as usual, but will be likely to die sooner than expected. Is it right? In this case, I might choose to buy an other general instead of exhausting a really good one.

EDIT : I know right there is a risk each time he's fighting to die during the battle. But otherwise, is there other factors that can make him die younger than expected.


Your source is correct, but only because the general will fight in a LOT of battles when used in this way. It's only logical that this results in an increased chance of him getting killed somewhere along the way.

Other than that I fully agree with Laf that there is no reason at all not to switch your good guy around to fight the important battles.


I have not experienced the behavior you are referring to. Switching generals is generally a good idea if you can afford it (strategy-wise). I've done it in virtually every war I've fought, and it saved me a lot of troubles. Your generals will always have a chance to die in every fight they are part of anyway.

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