In the wikia entry for RT-97C Heavy Blaster it says:

The RT-97C outclasses the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster in every way, making it a critical upgrade for any players that prefer using rapid-fire heavy blasters as their primary weapon.

But that seems kind of crazy, every other blaster in the game has a situation where its useful. Why would the game developers and staff spend the time making a model and coding it, only for it to be the one useless blaster in the game?

I notice that some blasters lose accuracy the faster they are fired, but that stat isn't recorded anywhere. Perhaps the DLT-19 maintains more accuracy while firing?

Is the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster totally inferior to the RT-97C?

Once someone unlocks the RT-97C is there any game advantage to using the DLT-19?

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Check this:

Why choose the DLT-19 over the RT-97C?, Reddit - Battlefront subreddit

I think it's right to say that RT-97C is more powerful and has tighter spread (starting and maximum). In theory it will drop a DLT-19 user if both go at each other from 10 m. However, it's looks more like a burst-fire weapon at medium range. It gets less accurate quicker than DLT-19 per shot, but it stabilises quicker too. Has minimal side to side and bigger upwards kick than DLT-19.

DLT-19 looks like the more 'spray and pray' weapon of the two (there's just no real penalty from holding down the trigger), with slower spread build up and less of a upward kick, thus feels more predictable and reliable. RT-97C has a bit more damage (1 'blast' less on average, assuming you stay on target) meaning you can come up victorious in CQC if you learn to control it and it offers great accuracy as long as you keep tap-firing it.

I've got the RT-97C yesterday and I'm sort of getting the hang of it. As long as I manage to control I can win with DLT-19 users in 1 v 1 and drop targets that I would find difficult with DLT-19 at longer range. However, one small mistake and you will easily miss a 'blast' or two that wouldn't happen with the DLT-19. It's definitely good and if you're willing to master it you will give you a slight edge over DLT-19.

Great statistic to remember:

Base spread
DLT-19 - 0.5
RT-97C - 0.1

With spread per shot:
DLT-19 - 0.025
RT-97C - 0.15

So RT-97C has amazing accuracy with the first few shots, but after that it can easily get more inaccurate, but will not go over 1.0 (which it will reach after 6 hots). DLT-19 will go to a maximum of 1.475 without start cards (max is 2.0, but it goes up by 0.975 after 39 shots before overheating from the base of 0.5), meaning that overall RT-97C should be considered more accurate, but it increases the spread much faster.

I own the game but I really don't play that much, but I can say that the RT-97C is better than the DLT-19 in terms of rapid fire when shooting.

But DLT-19 is a good starter blaster.


I just found this on the DLT-19 wikia page:

It should also be noted that currently, the DLT-19 is outclassed in most categories by the RT-97C Heavy Blaster, possessing inferior damage, zoom, and spread, however the DLT-19 has much less vertical recoil, and is much more accurate.

Commenters on a reddit post for this question have mentioned that the DLT-19 is better for mid to long range combat and the RT-97C is better for mid to close range.


Let me put at this in "real weapon terms". The DLT-19 is like the M16, and the RT-97c is like a flak gun. The first is more for anti infantry at close range, and the second is for long range or, rarely, anti-air.

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    Those two examples seem so far apart compared to how close the two guns are that I'm not sure it works.
    – DCShannon
    Mar 30, 2016 at 19:24
  • The DLT-19 has no scope but it maintains accuracy better during prolonged firing than the RT-97c, which can make the DLT-19 better for some sniping situations. The lack of accuracy during extended firing forces a RT-97c shooter to use burst fire rather than auto to hit far away targets. Mar 30, 2016 at 22:14

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