I didn't found information on the wiki about the dragon head (waited some time now).

I own one of this heads and wear it, but it doesn't seem to serve any purpose as far as my experience went. Except for my friends being jealous that I own one (maybe that's the purpose :P).

Does it provide any advantage (like the pumpkin head which makes endermen totally neutral)?

  • It doesn't need a purpose. It just looks really cool. – TwentyCharMax Mar 20 '16 at 4:30

You were correct in saying that except for your friends being jealous there is no point. It's just an awesome trophy (or killed one of your friends who had a skull). Also, when powered with redstone it will open and close it's mouth repeatedly.

  • actually, you get them from end city ships, not the enderdragon. Same place as elytras – ash4fun Mar 18 '16 at 20:56

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