I was playing TF2 and suddenly the game crashed. I restarted the game again, however I didn't get any random drops afterwards. Even after the weekly drop reset time had passed (for me its on Friday, not on Thursday), I still didn't receive any drops.

I tried searching on the internet for answers and the only conclusions I could find was either I'd hit some 10 hours limit, or already received 9 items already. I even found someone who had this problem in 2013, they had this problem and it was fixed on its own after a few weeks. Others just went on and on without any items.

Is there any ways to make the TF2 random drop start dropping again?


Drops are guaranteed to happen between 30 and 70 minutes of play time. On average this is about every 50 minutes, up to a max of ten 10 hours in one week.

You won't get any more item drops if you have played more than the 10 hours in a single week. The drops just stop. Your weekly playtime will reset at midnight GMT (+0) on Thursday.

There are a few requirements to be considered actively playing:

  • Is connected to a VAC secured server.
  • Is responding to in-game drop notifications while not utilizing external programs to do so.
  • Is running only one instance of the game.
  • Is not in textmode.

Verify that you aren't accidentally connecting to a non-VAC server, or that you don't have a second instance running.

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  • i did everything correctly though..but what does the (text mode) mean – devorge3 Mar 20 '16 at 10:17
  • Starting the game with -textmode. If you are playing, I doubt you have it on. – Michael Frank Mar 20 '16 at 15:20

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