I think I read something about a global chat in Clash Royale like it is implemented in its big brother Clash of Clans. However, I can't find it anywhere inside the app.

I somehow miss this feature especially for advertising for the own clan. Was it not implemented in Clash Royale and if yes are there statements about a future update?

Maybe there are also players, who played CoC from the beginning, how has it been there?

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Unfortunately, there is no Global Chat. There have been discussions of such feature on the Supercell Forum, but the idea has been ruled out.

A possible reason for not having Global Chat might be to cut back on spam and inappropriate language, as Clash of Clans contains a fair amount. Although this causes some issues with recruitment, people can use the forums as recruiting center in place of a Global Chat.


So far No The next best thing you can use, to promote your clan and what not is use the forums

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