I know that there is a timer for eternity splinter drops but I was wondering if drop rates vary for different locations. While splinters will drop every 8 minutes or so, the amount that drop can be changed by equipping items with a "special item find" increase. That makes me believe that there is a varying drop rate for eternity splinters, based on special item find percentage. Is there also a difference in drop rates (or rather, the number of splinters in a drop) based on location?

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After a long time of still wondering this, I found a fairly new forum post regarding Eternity Splinters

You can see it HERE.

It's basically a small research paper on ES drops in the game. But, in overview, Eternity Splinter drops happen somewhere around a drop per 6-8 minutes and the only thing that can change the number of splinters dropped is your Special Item Find stat and pure luck. It's not based on location and the RNG mostly seems like a case of "You get 1 or you get more than 1" and there's no concrete number of whether you're going to get 1,2,3,4 or 5 splinters in a drop.

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