does anyone know how I would use the setblock command to set a conditional command block? I know that there is a NBT tag for it, I just dont know how to implement that into my current command. Appreciate all help!

My current command is

/setblock ~ ~-1 ~-3 chain_command_block 3 replace {Command:/testfor @p[score_Money_min=110]}


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There is no tag for it. It's instead saved as the Damage value. See here for a list of values.

For your command, you'd add 8 to the Damage value, resulting in 11:

/setblock ~ ~-1 ~-3 minecraft:chain_command_block 11 replace {Command:"/testfor @p[score_Money_min=110]"}
  • That's what I meant, a damage value. Thanks for the help! Commented Mar 27, 2016 at 19:26

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