A few months ago I built a gaming pc and now I thougth I could try skyrim on it. I already played skyrim on my ps3 A LOT and I would love to continue my savegame.

So I am looking for a way to convert my ps3 save game to a pc savegame.

I searched for about half an hour for an answer and found multiple videos describing how to do it BUT all of them were using "Skyrim ps3 toolkit" a program that decrypts the savegame I guess. It is just impossible to find that program now, everythin I can find are dead links or site with "this download was taken down".

Is there a other way to do this? or does someone now where I can still find that program?

btw I tried directly putting the PS3 savegame in to the savegame folder on my pc and it gives me the message "Could not be loaded. Save has version 0 this is version 9" or something like that.

Ask me anything if you need more information. I would be really happy about some help! :D cheers

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The reason you can't directly port a PS3 save is that the save file is encrypted. The toolkit you mentioned is designed specifically to decrypt that file to let your modify it and re-encrypt it, or simply use it in the PC version.

Unfortunately, the toolkit you needed has dropped off the face of the Internet, but I was able to find it here.

Once you have the application, you can then follow one of the many tutorials, like this video to walk you through the process of decrypting the save file.

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