To write coloured text in Clash Royale you have to use this template, as seen here:

<cff0000>Red text</c>

But your name can be 15 characters long, at max. That means that I have just two characters left, after the template. Yet I see some people with four letter coloured names. How can I achieve longer names and What is the maximum?

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You are a bit wrong. This template is for text in the chat only. As there is character length limit you use c1-9 instead of crrggbb. Refer to this for color to cX correlation.

I have no idea how long your name can be after applying color to it. I have someone in my clan with 7 colored characters.

  • Thanks! Being <c#></c> 8 characters long, that fixed maximum length for a coloured name to 7. Apr 1, 2016 at 10:00

I am pretty sure the limit is 17 characters leaving 9 characters for a name after the ">c#>123456789>/c>".

Had to post the first and 3rd as greater than because it thought I was writing code with the less than key. the first and 3rd greater than should be less than sign for those that do not know how to write in code.

  • It's better to write them as code, that gives you <c#>123456789</c>. However, limit is 15 characters for me, so that fixes maximum length for a coloured name to 7. Apr 1, 2016 at 9:59

You have a (very) limited number of characters, indeed. However, you can introduce colours defined by less than 6 characters in the hexcode. It's appropiate to insert a 1 or 2 characters long hexcode, in order to save space.

For example:


This will result in a blue "Jeffrey" name, however the short hexcode might save a lot of room for the nickname, with a nickname of maximum of 7 characters. So, use this method if you want to save space for your name, instead of spending them on a long hexcode.

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