I am playing "Worms World Party: Remastered" on my PC, remembering the old days, but I cannot find a command in the menu to play the single-player game against the computer, using a custom map and crate settings. (This is not the "hot-seat" game with friends.)

I don't remember if I ever played like that before, but how can I do that, if this is possible?


TL;DR: The customized single-player match is actually in the two-player menu:

enter image description here

There are four commands in the main menu:

  • Go to the single player menu
  • Create a single or multi-player game (this is the one you want)
  • Play over a local area network or the Internet
  • Go to the options menu

The picture with one worm is for a "quick game" (no custom maps or crate settings) and missions
The picture with two worms is also for a single player game against the computer + custom options

Yes, there are only four options, but this still gets me every time: I always click the one worm, thinking that is for all types of single-player games, and then wander around inside that menu endlessly.

Create a single or multi-player game

This allows for the following custom options:

  • Terrain
  • Scheme options

Under "Scheme options", there are two large picture buttons:

  • Set or view the weapon options (adjust Ammo, Delay, Power, Crates)
  • Set or view the game options (adjust additional create and time options, including time between players in a "hot-seat" game)

When choosing teams, you can choose multiple human and computer teams. If you choose multiple human teams, this will start a "hot-seat" game with friends. Otherwise, you are simply creating a single player game against the computer.

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