I recently tried to summon an EnderDragon riding a tamed Wolf, but for an unknown reason, it doesn't work. Here is what I wrote in the command block:

/summon ~ ~ ~ EnderDragon {Riding:{ID:"Wolf"} {Owner:Kimatuy}}

I don't know where my error is, please show me the correct way if possible!

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    Winch version are you using? The riding mechanic was changed to a passenger mechanic for 1.9
    – MBraedley
    Commented Apr 1, 2016 at 13:28

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You closed the NBT data for the wolf and then opened another compound illegally (missing a comma as well as a tag-name for it). You just separate tags at the same depth with commas.

The entity ID comes at the start of the /summon command:

/summon <entity> X Y Z {dataTags}

As well, all tags are case-sensitive; it's id rather than ID. Fixed command for pre-1.9:

/summon EnderDragon ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{id:"Wolf",Owner:"Kimatuy"}}

If you're using 1.9, the Riding tag has been replaced with Passengers, which is a list rather than a compound (allowing multiple passengers at the same depth) as well as reversing the stack order. You'd summon the host first instead of the top-most entity:

/summon Wolf ~ ~ ~ {Owner:"Kimatuy",Passengers:[{id:"EnderDragon"}]}
  • Thank you very much, but in fact when the command is run the dog would be killed by the dragon. But something is weird: after the dragon killed the dog, it would like get off of my viewing distance in a fraction of second (kind of like when an enderman teleports). Is it a glitch or the program (minecraft) is running normally?
    – Kimatuy
    Commented Apr 6, 2016 at 23:36

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