I used The following:

/clear @p (id of item ex:1) 8

I wanted to remove only a certain amount of items. Any ideas on how to remove only a few items rather than all of them?

Note: I am using 1.7.10 because I'm using a modpack.


So the syntax of the command is:

clear [player] [item] [data] [max-count] [dataTag]

So if you wanted to clear your own inventory you would say:


If you wanted to clear rappatic's inventory:

/clear rappatic

If you wanted to clear rappatic's inventory of stone blocks:

/clear rappatic minecraft:stone

If you wanted to clear rappatic's inventory of blue wool (here for data values)

/clear rappatic minecraft:wool 11

or for all types of wool:

/clear rappatic minecraft:wool -1

To clear rappatic's inventory of 12 stone blocks:

/clear rappatic minecraft:stone 1 12

From the minecraft wiki:

clear [player] [item] [data] [maxCount] [dataTag] 

For example: clear @p 1 -1 64 will remove all kinds of stone up to a stack (-1 in data means match only itemID, so stone, granite, diorite, etc will be removed).

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    /clear did not support a maximum amount (or even a data value) in 1.7.10. – Skylinerw Apr 2 '16 at 16:11

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