I'm thinking of having a small Wesnoth tournament with some friends (maybe 8 or 9 ish people) and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the format?

Everyone in free-for-all isn't very exciting, and a single team match isn't really a great show of skill.

What do you think? Perhaps a series of 3-player matches with a knock out system?

Any and all suggestions welcome and considered!

  • Wesnoth tourney! Sounds like good times! – Zoot Aug 7 '11 at 0:40

I don't know many rounds you can fit in your schedule but you might be interested to look at a Swiss tournament structure. That way you all can play 3-4 matches 1 vs 1 and get a nice ranking out of it. If you want you can still add one or two rounds of single elimination matches for the top 2 or 4 players...

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