I've been trying to make a command using JSON for a map, obviously i'm testing commands in case they try and break on me. I tried making a multi-colored tellraw command and it either does one part, or the other here's the command

/tellraw @a {"text":"(YOU!)","color":"blue","Bold":"true","text":"Rawr.","color":"red","bold":"true"}

I've tried making it to were its like

/tellraw @a {"text":"(YOU!)","color":"blue","Bold":"true"},{"text":"Rawr.","color":"red","bold":"true"}

but it still doesn't work, anyone can pick up and show my mistakes i've made?

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    What version of Minecraft are you using?
    – Jason_
    Commented Apr 3, 2016 at 3:50

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Your syntax is incorrect because to chain multiple json string definitions together, you need to arrange them in an array.

Arrays are defined using the square [] brackets.
A compound bracket; curly {} brackets can only be used for nesting other constants.

In theory, you need to do this:

/tellraw @a [{"text":"(YOU!)","color":"blue","Bold":"true"},{"text":"Rawr.","color":"red","bold":"true"}]  
            ^                                                                                           ^

Might I also add, multiple strings in an array are explictly added, so (without color), your text will look like this:


You may want to add a space into one of the strings to denote seperation.


try this:

tellraw @p {text:"YOU!",color:blue,bold:true,extra:[{text:"Rawr.",color:red,bold:true}]}

P.S: If you want to make another line on the text:"Rawr." part, just change the text:"Rawr." part into text:"\nRawr.".

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