I'm on a Minecraft server where I don't have access to server folders but I want to disable faction claiming and McMMO party tping. I have group manager to manage the perms. I have tried denying access the to perm by doing -mcmmo.commands.ptp (not sure if that is how you deny access to a command) but it didn't work.

Anyone got way to do this? (Please do not say install this plugin and also once again I do not have access to server files so a way to do this without the server files is what I'm looking for)


To do what you want to do, you need to do what you have already done, but there is a small change you need to make:

  1. For the party tp, you cannot allow users any '*' permissions that are related to it, for example 'mcmmo.*' or 'mcmmo.commands.*', as removing nodes with -[permission-node] will most likely not work. Secondly, the user cannot be opped. With most plugins, OPs are allowed all permissions by default. (I am presuming that you are either using '*' permissions or trying it with an opped player)

  2. For the factions claiming, same thing, but with the 'factions.claim' permission node, so the line would look like this:

    - -factions.claim

    And for the mcmmo:

    - -mcmmo.commands.ptp

Hope this helped!

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