Where is the Runeguard for the Defiant faction in RIFT? The current world event requires me to find them, but doesn't exactly state where.

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The runeguard for the Defiant faction is located in the Gardens of Meridian. Coming in from the entrance make a right at the mounts and head all the way to the far end. He is down there.This best i can do for visual representation


TBH i'm not sure because i stopped playing Rift but probable you mean the Runeguard faction:

The Runeguard are the dwarves that stayed behind to defend and free their homeland of Moonshade Highlands. While individuals may have feelings for the gods, or not, as a group they owe allegiance only to the true King of Hammerknell.

Quartermaster Balint located at 6300,1600 in Moonshade Highlands

Source: The Runeguard (Rift Faction)

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